List of the team

  • Annarità Calabrò : teacher of Sociology at the University of Pavia . She will work with us in the analysis of the LA productions of our targets
  • Andrea Cerioli : cooperativa Con-tatto: working with non-native speakers, young and elders
  • Cristina Fraccaro: teacher in the educational system for Italian as a foreign language. Pupils between 11 and 16
  • Thérèse Manconi, teaching at the University in the Language Department
  • Angela Marinoni, person responsible for the didactic area in the association: “Ci siamo anche noi” devoted to the Italian as foreign language teaching
  • Eleonora Salvadori, teaching at the University, Communication Department and to elders; collaborating with teachers of foreign languages, in schools or retired
  • Anna Schiavi – Cooperativa Con-tatto, teaches Italian as foreign language in schools with young pupils not native speakers and in private schools
  • Antonella Strazzari, teaching in the educational system to adults with a low literacy.



  • Classes attended by pupils (from 10 to 17) who are not native speakers just arrived in Italy
  • Classes of the primary level attended by pupils not native speakers
  • Classes with young migrants second generation
  • Classes with adults with a low level of literacy
  • Students at the university
  • Elders learning foreign languages
  • Foreign Languages teachers


Objectives :

  • To have a more detailed view of the situation of languages in our context (Provincia di Pavia)
  • To investigate the relationship between languages (plurilingualism) and new identities
  • To create different didactic materials to introduce and experiment in the different educational levels
  • To elaborate different proposals for language teachers writing their language autobiography and for its analysis.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.